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A creature emerging from the depths of the ocean. Fierce and lyrical, she observes the stars and the celestial bodies, collects sea shells, rules the waves with the movement of her tail & makes the tide go high when the moon is full. Breathing both the breeze and the salty water, she knows the mysteries of the universe. Every sunset the mermaids swim to the surface, allowing the rays of the setting sun to warm their immortal souls. Then they dive back to the nostalgia of the sea. 

This distinctive collection of handmade ceramic pieces, inspired by the Mediterranean land and its symbolism, introduces a touch of Cycladic aesthetics to your home decoration.

Each piece is hand-painted by Christina Mandilari and wheel thrown in Athens using white clay.

This ceramic vase measures approximately 27 cm in height and 11cm in diameter.

*Colours may vary slightly from the online image to actual product. Props are not included.