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Our celestial companions Sun & Moon in the summer sky reflecting on the water. The Sun that illuminates every step of our existence and the Moon that rules our emotions and makes the tide go up. The olive branch for spirituality, the sailors cross for good faith and a sea shell as a token of our time together by the sea.

This handmade piece combines the techniques of silkscreen printing and hand-painting. Wear it on shoulders your on a cool summer night, a beach sarong or as a skirt around your waist. It comes with a ribbon.

Hand-painted & Hand-printed item by Christina Mandilari

Fabric: Jasmine Satin 100g (extra light) 
Dimensions 110 x 140 cm 
Print Colour: Lila

*colour tones between photos and actual product might slightly vary
*due to the process being 100% managed by hand, dimensions may slightly vary.

Washing Instructions: Hand-wash in cold water or in 30 degrees for sensitive clothes / Do not scratch intensively the print & painting