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soulmates - pouch


Title: Soulmates
There was a time when humans were creatures with four legs, four arms, a head with two faces and one heart. These creatures were so strong that gods envied them. Worried that they might  take over power the gods decided to split them. Wounded and hurt they found sympathy from the god of light Apollo, who healed their half split bodies. Ever since humans forever long their other half, their soulmate.

This unique designer's piece is inspired by the Mediterranean life. The iconic illustration  is handprinted using the traditional silkscreen printing technique in black, resembling of ancient greek vases' decorations. The canvas is 100% organic and the rope zipper slider reminds of sailors and sea activities that are so deeply rooted to the Mediterranean culture.

Dim: 17x22cm
Material: Denim

Please, wash at 30 degrees