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The sea shells gathered by sirens at full moon, surrounded by the waves and the flowers of the ocean. Painted symbols of spirituality, a bridge between mortals and the divine as they unfold painted in blue. 

This handmade piece combines the techniques of silkscreen printing and hand-painting. Wear it on your shoulders on a cool summer night, a beach sarong or as a skirt around your waist. It comes with a ribbon for endless combinations.

Hand-painted & Hand-printed item by Christina Mandilari

Fabric: Jasmine Satin 100g (extra light) 
Dimensions 110 x 140 cm 
Print Colour: Cerulean Blue 

*colour tones between photos and actual product might slightly vary
**due to the process being 100% managed by hand, dimensions may slightly vary.

Washing Instructions: Hand-wash in cold water or in 30 degrees for sensitive clothes / Do not scratch intensively the print & painting.